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Our Values

Customer satisfaction: We listen carefully to customers’ feedback and suggestions, and keep commitments to customers; we constantly seek to provide customers with the best products and services and help them achieve their business success.
Teamwork: We are helpful, and we share resources, experience and achievements with colleagues; we get along with each other frankly, with tacit cooperation and make great efforts for the team's growth and development.
Respect for the individuals: On the premise of the company's interests, we offer space for everyone to grow, we offer stage for them to display their abilities and to contribute; we exchange our views and opinions, and rely on and trust our colleagues to complete the task.
Encouraging creativity: We encourage to try new ideas, new methods; we dare to challenge the process, tolerate failure, and learn from failure to guide the future.Excellence: We know there is no best only better; we will see each success as a new start for self-improvement and pursuing excellence.
Focus on performance: We are encouraged to set challenging targets, regularly inspect performance based on which we improve our methods performance so as to effectively achieve our goals.
Tel:(+86)15058265980          E-mail:Kelly@simboproducts.com
Is this day incorporated in hong kong under the Companies Ordinance(Chapter 622 of the Laws of Hong Kong),and that this limitd company.