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Travel Safety Information and Precautions

Source:admin    Author:admin    Time:2016-10-17 11:27
In order to enhance the safety awareness of tourists and popularize the basic knowledge of tourism safety, so that visitors to participate in the activities of the program satisfactorily, happy and successfully completed, please carefully read this information and strictly fulfill and prevent accidents.
First, ride (machine, ship) safety matters
1, visitors in the machine, car, boat stopped before and after the machine, car, boat. And pay attention to the courtesy of civilization, first take care of the elderly, children, women; do not crowded, so as to avoid accidents. In addition, the airport, railway stations, Do not carry prohibited items.
2, in the machine, car, boat temporary docking period, subject to service personnel arrangements, do not stay away from.
3, visitors on the way, please do not talk with the driver and urged the driver to drive fast, illegal speeding and overtaking; do not head, hands, feet or luggage items out the window to prevent accidents.
4, visitors get off to browse, dining, shopping, please pay attention to close a good travel window, take their valuables to carry their own; otherwise there is no responsibility for lost stolen travel agencies.
5, tourists take the plane, should pay attention to comply with the provisions of the civil aviation safety regulations, in particular, do not use mobile phones and other radio communications tools or electronic games.
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